Alex Constable

Alex Constable has been working in Accounting roles for large and small companies for over 45 years.  There is not much that Alex has not done or seen in his extensive career.  A highlight for Alex was being group Accountant for Izard Industries (NZ Inventor of tungsten tipped saw blades) before and during the acquisition of the company by a major international conglomerate. 

Alex is involved in the day to day accounting for the Reed Myers group and oversees project cost to complete and cash flow management amongst his many roles.

Grahame Shepherd

Grahame Shepherd is one of our more experienced Directors.  Grahame has been in business for over 40 years, both working for others and in his own capacity. He brings to ReedMyers a depth of experience that is difficult to match.  One of Grahame’s passions is exporting NZ produced goods overseas to emerging markets.  This is a challenging role.  It is this experience and problem solving that led ReedMyers to offer Grahame a Director position.  Property Development is all about problem solving.  Grahame serves as a Director of a range of other companies.