Looking to buy an investment property?

Finally ReedMyers offers up a durable extremely low maintenance high yielding option.

  1. No external painting ever … no maintenance
  2. Tenant proof interiors
  3. Maximised bedroom to unit ratios

From just 20% deposit tenants can be paying your mortgage on a steadily appreciating asset.

There is rental demand in all areas for warm, dry, fully insulated modern housing built brand new for you by ReedMyers.

Available in a range of central and provincial locations.

Register your interest with us.

See available house designs below

‘MARU’ – Our Duplex – Investor special

“Two for the price of One”

ReedMyers presents the “Investor Special”

  • Stand alone on approximately 600sqm freehold site
  • New 3 bedroom home, with an attached but fully self contained 2 bedroom flat.
  • Fire and sound rated fire wall in between.

All this for barely more than the price of one house!

The options are endless

  • Rent both

  • Live in one and rent the other

  • Extended family lives next door

Other Investments

From time to time Reed Myers is offered single or twin house lots as opportunities to provide first home buyers or rentals for investors in a variety of towns around the upper North Island.

Please register your interest and an indication of your preferred location so we can keep it on file. You never know when something will pop up.

Current Opportunities

We have houses available in all projects. Construction to start shortly.

House Packages